New Guinea
Singing Dogs
The New Guinea singing dog.  Any question you have can be
answered by flipping through the pages of the
New Guinea
Singing Dog Conservation Society website, or by e-mailing some
of the fine folks who run this site.  According to folks in the know,
there are only about 100 of these dogs living in captivity worldwide,
and only a few finding their territory is disappearing.  There will
come a time they are likely to become extinct in the wild.  

Tina and I spent the better part of Thursday, June 8th helping Dr.
Brisbin run his booth at the Southeastern Natural Sciences
Academy's annual fundraiser on the banks of the Savannah
River in Augusta, showing off Lita to people curious about
Carolina dogs.  Lita, our wild-caught Carolina dog, was a big hit,
and after a shaky first ten or fifteen minutes, she settled in and
showed everybody what a beautiful, very sweet girl she is.  Dr.
Brisbin and his lovely wife, Donna, couldn't believe the behavioral
transformation Lita's made over the last six months since coming
home with Tina and I.      

For helping Dr. Brisbin, he and Donna allowed Tina and I to adopt
one of his singing dogs, Jingle.  We met Jingle in January, the day
we picked up and brought home Lita.

The first thing that hits you when you see Jingle is, she looks like a
fox!  Their sound probably most closely sounds like a coyote.      

Please visit the NGSDCS webiste to learn more about these
beautiful little guys, where all your questions can find answers.
Tina and I are extremely new to singing dogs, and since they are
SO different from any other dog, we have to learn everything
about them.  This will open a new chapter for us, and, as with
the Carolina dog effort, will make us even more "dog people"
than we've ever been.  
Jingle's pictures
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