Beechwood Trails
Leaving for work?  Got a full day of shopping or somewhere that dogs,
frankly, might not be welcome?  Got a lot of errands to run, but you
don't want to leave your dog at home alone?  Having work done on your
home that might upset your pet?  

Do you have to plan your day around getting home to let the dog out?  
Do you feel guilty when you leave him home while you're at work all

Is your dog lonely, destructive or just flat bored?  We have the solution!

We will offer day boarding, an alternative to group doggie daycare,
where your dog will be able to stay in a safe, fun place until you come

Do you have a young dog you would like to become more sociable
and more comfortable around people and their pets?  Although we
won't be having a group interaction, with your consent, your dog can
interact with our fun loving, personal pets during supervised playtime.  
They will be closely watched and separated immediately if problems
arise.  This is for the protection of your pet as well as ours.

Each dog or family of dogs will have time to play everyday, but will also
receive some rest time.  Each dog will receive a midday treat, however,
if you would like for them to be fed, you would need to bring food each

There will be plenty of hugs and loving to bring out the best in your dog
and they will go home happy and more well adjusted.  

Please print out our
Pet Information and Owner Information pages, fill
them out, then fax or email them to us prior to your dog's stay. This
helps with check-in for us to already have this information on file.
However, if it's inconvenient for you to send ahead of time, you may
bring this information with you to check in your pet.  
Day Boarding