This is Jingle!  She is a New Guinea Singing Dog, which are wild
dogs from the Indonesian Island of New Guniea.  These little guys
are truly wild dogs and although they can be tamed, due to the
short time they've been living with people, they can't be
domesticated.  They are forever curious, and will always be
looking for a way out. Not that they are dissatisfied living with their
family, but they have a deep seated desire to explore and hunt.  
This photo was taken back in January '06, the day we picked Lita
up from Dr. Brisbin's facility.  She and Lita were next door
neighbors, living side by side in adjoining runs.  
On Jingle's first day in her new home, Tina and I took some
shots of her.  We're not sure where exactly Jingle will stay,
but you can rest assured it will be a secure enclosure.
Singing dogs are resourceful little escape artists.    
When we first brought Lita home, she seemed so small compared
to the rest of our crowd, but Jingle is truly tiny.  I haven't taken her
weight yet, but I would guess she weighs 20 pounds or less.  
Having just gotten Jingle, one major questions just jumps right
out at us:  How do we get her to use the restroom while on a