Frequently Asked        
What should I bring with my pet?
1) You must fax, email, or bring us your pet's current vaccination record,
including proof of Bordetella (canine cough) vaccination.  
Bordetella vaccination is required to stay with us! The Bordetella
vaccine might not be a part of your pet's yearly vaccinations. If you're
not sure your pet has received it, ask your vet.   If your pets' vaccines
have expired, or will expire within seven days of check-in, please call us
for more information.  For the safety and health of all our guests,
NO pet
will be allowed to check in without proof of being current on all
2) Completed Pet Information and Owner Information pages.  You
can print it from the web site and complete it before coming in.  If you
need to complete it here, please allow additional time during check-in.
3) Any medication your pet needs.  Please have medication clearly
labeled with instructions.

How much time is needed for check-in and check-out?
When checking in, please allow at least 15 minutes to give us time
to verify vaccination records and to look over the completed guest
information form for special instructions for your pet's stay.  At this
time we briefly examine your pet for obvious health problems, e.g., fleas
and ticks.  This also allows your pet and us time to get to
know one another.  

When checking out, please allow at least 15 minutes for time to
settle the bill, and to allow us to gather all the belongings your pet
had at the lodge.  At this time your pet will be briefly checked again
for any health problems that may have occurred during their stay.  
This also gives us time to say good-bye until we see them again.   

How old does my puppy need to be?  
Approximately 4 months old.  Fully vaccinated puppies are welcome to
board!  In fact, we recommend that folks with young pups bring them here
as an excellent exercise in their socialization - The most important aspect
of puppy training.  But, because puppies' immune systems are vulnerable
after leaving their mother, it's in their best interest to wait to board until
they've had their final set of puppy shots at about 16 weeks of age.  

Do you provide beds?
Yes!  We provide soft blankets and/or large towels for boarders.  

Can we bring our pet's bed from home?
Yes, although beds are provided, you may bring a bed from home
providing it can be washed, if necessary, in a regular size washing
machine.  Make sure they are clearly marked with your name or your
pet's name.  

Can we bring toys from home?
Absolutely!  Your pet may feel more comfortable with a toy from home,
but make sure it's not your pet's favorite toy.  We will protect your pet's
possessions with Tina's very life, but strange things can happen.
Oh, and please, no rawhide chews of any kind.  Dogs can choke on them.

Can we bring our pet's food from home?
Yes, and we encourage you to do this, because changing foods
sometimes causes tummy upsets.  We have a refrigerator/freezer and a
microwave, so we can handle any type of food preparation, including raw
diets and vet diets.  If you are bringing your pet's food from home, please
bring only the amount needed for your pet's stay.  

Do we need to bring our pet's food bowl?
No.  We provide stainless steel bowls for all pets that we can sanitize

I have more than one pet.  Can they stay together?
Yes!  As long as they get along, they may share the same run.  

Will our pet play with other pets?  
No.  Due to safety issues and not knowing how the pets will react
to each other.  They'll have lots of fun playing with us instead!

If my pet seems lonely, will you show it some extra
You can bet on it.  Tina and I are very involved in Greyhound
rescue and we are extremely experienced in making a pet feel
loved and comfortable.   

Is Beechwood Trails Pet Lodge heated and air
Yes, absolutely!  Your pet will stay very comfortable all year

Can we come visit the Lodge before our pets stays with
 Absolutely!  We encourage you to come by anytime you like during
normal office hours and feel free to bring your pet with you.  We will likely
be busy, but you are welcome to visit.  You'll be allowed to tour the entire
facility, trying our best to not disturb and upset our guests.  However, your
pet will not be allowed to be in any areas with our guests without proof of
their vaccinations.    

Being an indoor kennel, what if my dog won't relieve itself
in its run?
That shouldn't be a problem.  Your dog will be taken out three or four
times a day to outdoor play yards.  This will give them plenty of
opportunity to use the bathroom (I refuse to say "go potty") outside.  

What if my pet gets sick?
This rarely ever happens, but in the event your pet doesn't feel
well, we will try to contact your vet.  If your pet needs to be taken
to the vet for treatment, and your vet isn't in the Douglasville area,
they will be taken to one of our vets.  If it's after hours, they will be
taken to the nearest emergency vet.  

Can I call to check on my pet?
You certainly may!  We'll be glad to give you an update, and if you
like, we'll even take the telephone to your pet and let you talk
directly to them.  We love to see pet owners who care about their
dogs and cats enough to check on them.

What if my pet doesn't want to come home?
Don't laugh!  It could happen!  Beechwood Trails Pet Lodge will
be very much like our home.  You may think I'm kidding, but life at
our house is pretty much nonstop fun and laughter.  We love pets
so much, your pets
will enjoy themselves; they won't be able to help