Why Board Your Pet?
What could go wrong staying at home?

Pets may escape searching for their owner.  A pet suffering from
separation anxiety could try to find his owner, digging out of a fenced
in area, or if inside, work out its frustration on your home's interior.

Lack of social interaction and boredom from spending almost all day
alone can be very stressful to a pet.  How many times have we seen a
dog destroy something when it had nothing better to do?  Amazingly,
it's usually the most valued item in your possession.  It's as if they took
the time to individually appraise each thing in the house before making
their choice.  

If your pet were to become sick or injured at home alone he/she may
have to wait for hours, possibly overnight before anyone notices. The
first few hours of an illness or after an injury occurrence is often critical
and could mean the difference between life and death.   

Is your dog at least a little fearful during thunderstorms? A pet left
alone during a thunderstorm with no one to comfort them can panic,
causing extreme distress and injury.

Why a boarding facility is better

Great care and expense goes into the design of a boarding facility
to make it
virtually escape proof. For additional protection, our
perimeter fence cannot be jumped over or dug under. And this facility
virtually flame proof, using practically no wood in its construction.  
The lodge will be monitored 24/7 by EMC Security.

Enough can't be said about social interaction. An idle mind isn't any
better for your pet than for a human.  

Just the design of an indoor kennel ensures your pet will be given
one-on-one care several times each day. We will be interacting with
the dogs during the times they're taken outside each day, as well as
during meal and snack times. Cats will be given individual attention
daily, too, giving them time to get out to stretch their legs and play.  

Whenever bad weather is predicted we will be in the kennel, even if
it's in the middle of the night, making sure our guests are safe.

You'll have the peace of mind knowing that since we interact with our
guests so much during the day, any problems with illness or an injury
will be noticed right away. Your pet's happiness and well-being is the
most important thing to us. We will be in a position to take immediate
action if a problem arises.  

And, if you lie on the beach thinking about your pet, we'll only be a
phone call away.  You can find out in real time how he or she is doing
(during office hours).  And, heck, if you'd like, we'll even take the phone
to them so you can talk to them directly.  And if they talk back, you'll
have a witness, and you'll be rich! (Less a small "witness fee")

It's our most heartfelt goal to create a fun, safe and stress-free
environment for your pet; one they'll want to return to time and time
again. Your pet greeting us with a smile on their face will tell us we've
succeeded (pets do smile, you know).