at the Lodge
Your dog's stay with us will be a unique (very good) experience for
them.  We specialize in a hands-on approach to boarding, and
believe that social interaction is important in making this a fun and
positive experience for your dog.  However, before making
reservations, we feel it's important that you read our "
Policy and Rules"

When lodging with us, we will take your dog outside three or four times
a day (based on the boarding package you choose).  See our
all-inclusive dog boarding packages
on our "Rates & Hours" page.

Time with us outside in our exercise pens will help active dogs burn
off extra energy and will help shy dogs learn to trust us. Your dog will
be much happier and healthier with all this extra daily attention.

We don't just run dogs out, then back in again.  We give each dog
plenty of time to finish their business, and then we pretty much let
the individual dog tell us what she wants to do.  Some dogs, especially
older ones, seem to want to head back inside, but younger dogs, i.e.,
puppies and such, want to stay outside and play.  Playing is right up
my alley (just ask Tina), so I welcome the opportunity to have fun with
our guests.  

I am proud to say that we have folks bringing their pets from all over
the greater Atlanta metro area to board with us on a regular basis.  
Many customers, when relocated to other areas of Atlanta metro,
choose to make that long drive to continue bringing their dogs to us.    

We have two sizes of accommodations and four all-inclusive boarding
packages to choose from (See our "
Rates & Hours" page for more

Please print out our
Pet Information and Owner Information pages
and either bring them with you, or you can fax or e-mail them prior to