Greyhound Adoption
Bringing a greyhound into your life will make your heart swell with pride, and will,
without a doubt, change your life forever. From that point, you will realize this is the
way nature intended dogs to be. You'll want to take your Greyhound everywhere,
and everywhere you take it, you'll be stopped by curious people wanting to talk to you
about Greyhound adoption (not that the people are curious, as in strange, but, well,
you know what I mean). In no time you will be recruited into the army of thousands of
ex-racing Greyhound owners who are walking, talking advertisements for Greyhound

For the first month or more of owning one (I've never gotten used to it), your mouth will
be constantly dropping open when you witness their incredible speed. They make you
realize just how slow we humans are.

One of the many great things you'll notice immediately is Greyhounds don't have a
doggy odor. Washing your Greyhound is something you will only have to do if it goes
outside and actually gets dirty from playing.

Lazy, quiet and clean. What more could you want?  Trust me, three in the house is
amazingly easy to handle.   

Open your heart to Greyhounds, and you will never be the same. As you look into
their eyes you will realize they're looking deep into yours. That's when you know this
is the right thing to do.  

Here at Beechwood Trails Pet Lodge, we will always try to foster one or two
greyhounds, possibly more,  that are available for adoption from
Second Chance
Greyhounds, SEGA and Greyt Friends.

Feel free to stop by and talk to us about Greyhound adoption.  Click on the link below
to learn more about Greyhounds.

Go ahead and call
Second Chance Greyhounds, Dee Hansen with Greyt Friends,
SEGA!  Heck, we'll even go with you!