Wild Star     Carolina
Welcome to Wild Star   Carolina Dogs.  Here you will find general
information on Carolina Dogs, or as they are also known, American Dingoes,
Dixie Dingoes, or Native American Dogs.  You will also find the history of our
personal dogs, information on puppies we have now, and on possible future

It is our aim to raise dogs with great attitudes and a love for life.  Saving
America's very own native, wild dog is of extreme importance to us.  Come
be part of this wonderful breed, with a history that takes them back to the
earliest of humans, as they made their way out of Africa, across Asia, to the
new world many thousands of years ago.  A truly ancient breed, possibly
found near the base of canine family tree.     

Here you will find many photos of our most recent litter, from the minute they
were born, to the most recent photos I take nearly daily (Tina let me buy a
new camera, so I'm still in that new camera picture taking frenzy phase).  
Our litters are raised in our kitchen, exposed to the noise and goings on of
our very busy household, and are raised, above
everything else, with a
great sense of humor and with lots of love.  This isn't a business, it's a passion.  

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