Lita, is a wild-caught Carolina Dog.  She's very sweet, but has so much
fear.  Isn't she beautiful? Can you believe these dogs are born and
survive in the wild in this condition?  She has made tremendous
progress in the time we've had her, learning to relax some and to trust us
a little more.  She still has a lot of work to do, or I should say, we have a
lot of work to do.  But it's an absolute labor of love.
These dogs, also known as American Dingos, look very similar to what
is believed to be their slightly larger sister breed, the Australian Dingo.  
Lita's learned already we always have a pocket full of treats! I cannot wait till
the day comes that she'll understand her life has just begun, and never again
has to scrounge through trash cans and along highways for her next meal.  
Corky has the size, reach and speed advantage, but Lita has very thick
hair and a street fighting technique.  In this small ring, taking Corky's
speed away from her, the oddsmakers are picking Lita by a KO in the
third round.  
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