Tina and I had some errands to run this Saturday, so we put
Corky and Lita in the car and headed to Carrollton.  After we
finished, we got them out of the car for a break.
Lita, once again, did amazingly well.  She was happy and
curious the whole time, and rode like a perfect lady.  When
she has her bud Corky along with her, she's up for anything!
We currently buy their Canidae dog food at a health food store
in Carrollton, and when the store owner heard we had one of
our Greyhounds and our Carolina Dog with us, he had to
come out and see them.  Lita came to the window and let him
pet her, and Corky, well, Corky did about as complete a licking
job on that poor man as I've ever seen.  He's a dog lover,
though, and really enjoyed seeing his first Carolina Dog.
People are absolutely amazed with Lita's looks, and their
amazing story.  Tina and I are having a  ball being part of it.
Lita expecting a snack at our Petsmart in Douglasville.  
That's Tina with Butternut in the background and me
holding Lita's leash.  Our dog trainer friend, Jana, took
the shot for us....she'd be behind the camera.  
These two never stop playing.  Corky has really learned to
use her size and leverage to her advantage, and I guess due
to her alpha personality, she never rolls over.  Lita is very
submissive and always takes the bottom position, choosing
to to play on her back. Corky is an unreal athlete.