This is Butternut! We adopted her on November 19th, '05. Her racing name was
Whynot Chocolate. She was one of three females Tina and I helped transport from
south of Atlanta to SEGA's adoption kennel in Acworth the week before. She was
such a happy, tail wagging girl, we just couldn't pass her up. Since it was near
Thanksgiving, and with the Christmas holidays just around the corner, we named
her Butternut. Being a very outgoing, friendly dog, she'll do well as a therapy dog
visiting nursing homes and children's hospitals. She did quite well as a racer, with
one 15 race stretch in late 2004 that she took 1st place ten times.
Butternut has got to be the friendliest, sweetest dog I've ever met.  She
sleeps between Tina and I every night.  She's the only Greyhound
we've ever encouraged to sleep on our bed with us.  Of course, by
morning it's gotten a great deal more crowded, because Gretz and
Windy have usually found their way up at some point during the night.