This is Panama, formerly Viola Snow. We adopted her, along with Corky, after
fostering her a month while she recovered from back surgery. She had disk surgery
after a very bad, high speed accident occurred at the adoption kennel one evening on
their last trip out before bedtime. Tina and I were about as good at fostering
greyhounds as we expected we'd be. And the same rule still holds true, "Any dog who
comes here, stays here." Panama raced as Viola Snow nearly her whole 3 1/2 year
career (186 races) at Ebro, just up the road from Panama City, FL, our favorite place
on the planet. While she slowly regained the use of her rear half, being virtually
paralyzed post surgery, we used a towel as a sling under her belly to carry her rear
half as she walked with her front legs. The vet who operated on her told us she is
coming along great and he expects her to make a full recovery.  
I hope SEGA doesn't mind, but I'm borrowing a picture from their web site of Panama
from before her accident.  Wasn't she something?  With the help of a lot of good people,
some very thoughtful decision making to spare her life after her accident, and some very
skilled hands, Panama has the chance to once again cut through the wind as only a
beautiful Greyound can.  Thank you everyone for doing something this special.
Panama and Comet.  Panama's back to her beautiful former self!
She still isn't able to run like she once could, but that doesn't stop
her from trying!