This is Corky!  She's a Greyhound puppy born on January 8th,
'05.  We've always wanted a Greyhound pup, but they're a little
tough to find.  We were very lucky to get Corky from SEGA.  She's
from an accidental litter, therefore she's not allowed to be
registered or raced.  She's a wild little thing!  And we just thought
Comet was a rotten little kid!   
This is Corky at four weeks.  
This is the first picture we saw
of her, and we knew it just
had to be!  I guess that's food
on her chin.  
This is Corky's picture from SEGA's March, '05 adoptions page
taken the day we adopted her.  She was 9 weeks in this photo.
Looks to me like the Petsmart folks should use this photo in their ad!
Here's our little monster at 4 months.  And she IS a monster!
But, man, is she going to be beautiful or what?!! She has some
black hair throughout her coat, making it somewhat different
from what you usually see.  We hope it stays that way.
Corky at 8 months is just a taller, heavier version of our little
monster.  She's pushing 55 pounds now, so she's done most of
her growing, I'd say.  Oh, and she started catching Frisbees!
This is Corky at 65 pounds, about a week and a half shy of
her first birthday, getting some pretty good air time catching
a Frisbee.  She's turned into quite a wiz with a Frisbee!  
She looks so cute, doesn't she?  Trust me,
pure evil lies behind this appearance.