Carolina Dogs in Atlanta, GA
Kennels in Atlanta, GA, Pet boarding kennels in Atlanta, GA,
Dog boarding in Atlanta, Ga
Canidae Dog Food in Douglasville, GA
Tributary, GA
Carolina Dogs in Atlanta, GA
Kennels in Atlanta, GA, Pet boarding kennels in Atlanta, GA,
Dog boarding in Atlanta, Ga
Canidae Dog Food in Douglasville, GA
Tributary, GA
Beechwood Trails Pet Lodge
"Where your pet will feel like family"
7777 Capps Ferry Road
Douglasville,  GA 30135
770-577-STAY (7829)
Fax: 770-577-5568
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Welcome to Beechwood Trails!  If this is the first time to our website,
either because you are new to the area and are looking to see what
type of pet boarding businesses are available here, or if you are
looking for something new, something different, we think you will be
very happy with
Beechwood Trails.  For whatever reason, we invite
you to come visit with us and find out for yourself just what a pet
boarding facility can be!

The pets we keep here, as well as their owners, are friends.  We are
here strictly for them.  Tina and I work hard to build relationships with
your pets. We do that because, for one, we love dogs more than you
could ever imagine, and two, we want them to enjoy their time here.  
We are honored that so many folks have made us part of their lives.  
Judging by the fact that we fill up as early as six weeks to two months
out for major holidays, we feel we very fortunate.  

So if you are looking for a special place, a place where your pet will
actually enjoy themselves and feel loved, give us a call and plan on
coming out for a visit.  

Here at
Beechwood Trails Pet Lodge, your pet will spend time in a
climate-controlled, clean and very roomy space, listening to soothing
music 24 hrs. a day.  We don't mix dogs, ever.  Safety is #1 here;
your pet's having fun runs safety a close 2nd.  Solid walls are
between adjacent runs, preventing a pet's next door neighbor from
being, well, a
bad neighbor!  Your pet will be able to rest, never
feeling threatened or harassed by another dog.  Not mixing with
other dogs isn't saying that your dog will be isolated and won't have
the opportunity to become better socialized, because she/he will be
able to see other dogs through their run door as we take dogs in and
out, and through the fences while outside in their own, individual, very
large play areas.  Three or four times a day (depending on the
boarding package you choose) your pet will be able to interact with
other dogs in the outdoor play areas next to theirs, and with our own
dogs, who are usually present in the area outside the play areas.

Starting a puppy out here (old enough to have completed its puppy
shot series) is an excellent way to teach puppies to be friends with
other dogs.  Did you know that the #1 and #2 reasons dogs are
abandoned or turned in at the shelter is because of being poorly
socialized to people and to other dogs?  Those reasons are at the
root of most behavior problems.  Doing a little planning, by enrolling
your puppy into a good, truly positive reinforcement puppy class and
allowing us to show your puppy how good boarding
can be, is THE
way to get them started in the right style.  A little work during a
puppies first few months will make it grow up into one of those dogs
you will remember for a lifetime.   

Do you have giant breed dogs?  Or do you have multiple dogs, even
three or more, but you've never found a place where they were
allowed to stay together due to policy, or they just didn't have runs
large enough to hold multiple dogs?  We've got your answer for that!  
Our large runs are big! Big enough to hold even multiple giant breeds
boarding together.  We frequently board two truly giant Great Danes
in the same run, with plenty of "elbow room" to spare.  We are very
proud of our super size, extra large runs!  

If you are looking for a place your pet will feel actually loved, and
not shelved away to await your return, I think we are what you have
been looking for.  Now, if your dog
doesn't like being talked to, sung
to (yes, sung to) played with, petted, hugged, and generally treated
like one of our own pets, I may be wrong, and this might not be a
place your pet will enjoy.  I know I'm
not wrong, but I felt like I had to
stick that in here.

We take your pet's happiness very seriously.  A shy dog is a
challenge to us, and it's our aim for it to leave here happier and more
well balanced.  And I've learned that the bigger fool you make of
yourself, the more dogs like you.  So I come up here every day
expecting to make a complete fool of myself for your dog's happiness!   

As if you couldn't tell after reading about our own family on the About
Us page, we encourage taking in homeless critters, and responsible
pet ownership.  It's an excellent  way to teach your children very
important lessons of responsibility and kindness. What more could you
want for your children, as well as from everyone around you?

Please have any pet you aren't purposely breeding spayed or
neutered! It doesn't cost that much, and they'll live a longer, healthier,
happier life. We aren't suggesting all pets to be neutered at all, but
there are those pets that will never be a part of a breeding program.  
Those are the ones we're concerned with.  Let's face it, with a little
effort, we can help eliminate the horror of approximately five million
dogs and cats being destroyed every year.
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